The knowledge and professional experience in the administration, consulting, consulting and representation of international companies, obtained for more than a decade, is consolidated in a network of commercial representation companies whose foundation is to optimize the resources of the clients in the acquisition of goods, With high quality supplies provided directly from their manufacturers, thus becoming a qualified and reliable supplier of quality products.


In the year 2020 South Point International Inc. USA Is established as a leader in the network of companies for the commercialization of state-of-the-art technology products at competitive prices and conditions, reducing the links in the marketing chain for the benefit of our customers.


Provide the best products available in the market in the most convenient and reliable way. Innovative products that allow the optimization of resources and greater productivity in the business activity of our customers.


"Constant commercial and technological updating to provide complete solutions."


Our company consists of its Board of Directors, the General Manager, Engineers and Sales Specialists and customer service. And its action extends with commercial commitments of over a decade ago with manufacturers in the US and Europe.

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South Point International Inc. USA.

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